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SilverSneakers programs help seniors stay active, maintain wellness

For many, basic daily movements are mindless. The muscle one uses to put on a seatbelt, carry groceries, or push a vacuum cleaner are often actions that don't require a lot of thought when you are young.

"It seems so basic, but there are a lot of muscles involved in something as simple as reaching up and grabbing a plate out of the cupboard or bending over and emptying the dishwasher...There's a lot involved, your core, your legs, all that," said Carrie Marquardt, health and wellness director of Meriden-New Britain-Berlin YMCA and Crossfit Meriden

However, as a person ages, they begin to lose those motor skills. So, local fitness and senior centers partnered with SilverSneakers, a fitness and wellness program for adults over 65 that focuses on daily movement as a way to maintain the skills and prevent other health issues all while socializing and having fun.

EDITORIAL: A thriving youth theater in Meriden

Participation in sports is often highlighted as a way to promote skills that can be of value throughout life. Leadership, teamwork and fair play often come to mind. But there are other pursuits with the same characteristics that are available to young people, and those include the performing arts.

“Musical theater is a great vehicle to teach life skills like responsibility, communication, public speaking. Those are skills they’ll take wherever they go in life.”