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During the summer of 2020, camp looked a bit different and activities were adapted for social distancing. The fun, creativity, friendship, and laughter were the same. Here is what our parents had to say about the fun safe summer experienced by their children in summer 2020.

Steven loves Mountain Mist Day Camp. His favorite thing about camp is swimming every day. He loves all of the counselors, CITs, and the kids.

We registered Steven for camp during early registration in February 2020. Then everything happened. He was home with me. I work at home so we could not spend much time outside during the day which was hard.

When summer came, I was so glad Steven had the chance to go to Mountain Mist and enjoy being outside. The Y was fantastic about communicating about what would happen during summer camp. I participated in all of the Zoom meetings. I was very confident in the Y and was happy there were no COVID incidents. Everyone worked hard to ensure the campers had a safe fun summer. The last day of camp was very emotional for me. I was so happy and grateful my son had a wonderful summer. We are looking forward to this summer.
- Kimberly Osnoe

5 Star Reviews

5 Stars - I loved Camp Mountain Mist. So huge and very clean as well. - Raquel

5 stars - All three of my children went here for years and they would not have it any other way and two of them worked there. - Andrew

5 stars - Our kids love camp here every year. I am jealous that I never had a camp this big when I was a kid. - Mark

5 stars - Staff is fun and engaging. My son is having a GREAT time!! - Amanda 

5 stars - Extremely fun place for my kids to go for camp. - Garan

Parent Recommendations

Love it. Was camper, CIT, JC, counselor and now I’m back with adaptive camp! Staff Is wonderful and very trustworthy! - Pamela Ann

My kids have such a great time! Everyday they come back exhausted and talk non stop of their days events. Great job to all the YMCA staff! - Tricia

There are a lot of fun activities to do there. There's a water slide, large pool and everyone is nice to you. The counselors are really great and it's just and overall really fun summer. - Rajas

What an awesome experience! Thank you YMCA staff you rock! - Linda 

Wonderful camp! My girls come home exhausted and tell me how much they love it! Would recommend to anyone! - Amy-Jo

Worked there and now my kids go there! Wonderful memories! - Joe

My daughter Emmah began attending Mountain Mist in the summer of 2014 and can’t wait to go back again this year! Not only does she enjoy the opportunity to see all her old YMCA preschool friends and build relationships with her camp counselors, she absolutely loves all the activities that Mountain Mist offers. Her favorite activity is swimming and each year she can’t wait to tell me how her swimming skills have improved from the year prior thanks to the help of her camp counselors. She comes home from camp each night eager to discuss her day and exhausted which confirms to me that she’s having the best summer ever.

As a parent, I count on Mountain Mist to provide my daughter with a fun, activity packed summer that will keep her entertained, fit and most importantly, safe. The Mountain Mist Summer Camp provides everything my daughter needs to fulfill those needs and I honestly could not ask for anything more.
- Paula

Last summer was my daughter's first summer going to camp and she had a blast! She loved the staff and even experienced her first sleepover and can't wait to go back this summer!
- Elyse

Why Our Campers Love Mountain Mist

I met a lot of new friends. The counselors are awesome and nice. I loved the pool it was so big. I like to swim. That was the best summer I ever had. I also like the shows they are awesome it was so cool. I like the overnight thing that was awesome and cool.
- Gianna

I have the best summer ever at Mountain Mist Day camp because I am going to play with my friends at the play scape. I love hiking and playing basketball and making new friends. I like the camp counselors and the sandbox. I like that the swimming pool has a shallow end so I can work on my swimming. The rock wall is my favorite but I also like lunchtime. The superhero week is fun plus all the weeks the camp does something special. I can't wait for camp this summer!

I always have the best summer at Mountain Mist Camp. My favorite part of camp is the huge pool. Another thing I really like is we sometimes get to go on the water slide. An additional reason I like camp is that every afternoon we get to play an awesome game!
- Noah

I love camp because all of the staff are nice and they help us a lot. I started camp when I was 5. I learned a lot but my favorite was the pool. I went hiking for the first time and slept outside. I also like MYT plays. Going to camp gave my confidence. I love it so much.
- Christopher

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