Meriden YMCA

John Benigni »

CEO, Meriden-New Britain-Berlin YMCA

Steve Markoja »

Chief Operating Officer, Meriden-New Britain-Berlin YMCA

Carmen Chaparro »

Branch Executive Director, Meriden YMCA

Susan Chester »

CFO, Meriden-New Britain-Berlin YMCA

Tony Cortright »

Gymnastics Director and Head Coach, Meriden-New Britain-Berlin YMCA

Tony manages our gymnastics program, team, and gymnastics birthday parties.

Carolyn Daniels »

Arts and Education Program Director

Carolyn manages our arts and education programs, homeschool enrichment, Mountain Mist Day Camp.

Mary-Jo DiPasquale »

Child Care Director, Meriden YMCA Martin Gaffey Child Care Center and Little Panthers Preschool

Mary-Jo manages the Meriden YMCA Child Care School Readiness Preschool Program at the Meriden YMCA Martin Gaffey Child Care Center at 66 Crown Street and the Little Panthers Preschool program at Platt High School.

Stephanie Fusco »

School Age Director, Meriden-New Britain-Berlin YMCA

Stephanie is the director of the before and after school care programs in Meriden, Berlin and New Britain and is the camp director for Camp Thundermoon in Berlin.

Joan Goodman »

Director of Marketing and Communications, Meriden-New Britain-Berlin YMCA and CrossFit Meriden

Joel Jekubovich »

Facilities Director, Meriden-New Britain-Berlin YMCA

Cathy Lewis »

Aquatics Director & Mountain Mist Outdoor Center Coordinator

Cathy is the Aquatics Director for the Meriden YMCA, a swim coach for the Meriden-New Britain-Berlin YMCA Seals Swim Team, manages the downtown and Mountain Mist pools and swim lessons. Cathy also coordinates all Mountain Mist Outdoor Center rentals.

Carrie Marquardt »

Health & Wellness Director, Meriden-New Britain-Berlin YMCA and CrossFit Meriden

Carrie is the Health & Wellness Director, Meriden-New Britain-Berlin YMCAs and CrossFit Meriden.

Christine Ramezzana »

Director, Meriden YMCA Head Start and Little Spartans

Christine manages the Head Start program, and Little Spartans Preschool at Maloney High School.

Tina Valentin »

Director or Child Care Operations, Meriden-New Britain-Berlin YMCA

Tammy Valk »

Human Resources Director, Meriden-New Britain-Berlin YMCA

Maddy DeRita »

Youth Development Director

Bryan Brazel »

Mountain Mist Day Camp Director