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Tips for Fighting Childhood Obesity

It was different years ago. Kids came home from school, changed their clothes, and immediately went out to play. Sure, maybe they had a quick snack, but the average child could not wait for the school bell to ring and the doors to fly open because their treats were not centered on chips and sugary snacks, but on baseball, hopscotch, jump rope, softball, basketball, and running and playing with their friends. Did they eat ice cream and candy and potato chips? Of course they did, but it was not a daily habit.

“Treats should be treats, not something you have every day,” says Dr. Rena Aroesty, a pediatrician with Meriden Pediatric Associates. Dr. Aroesty is concerned with the growing number of obese children she sees in her practice.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), childhood obesity has more than tripled in children and adolescents over the past 30 years.

The YMCA — a leading voice on improving health— wants families to understand the dangers of childhood obesity and ways to reverse course through increased physical activity and improved eating habits. The Y offers the following tips to incorporate more activity and healthier eating habits into your daily family routine:

Day of Caring at Mountain Mist

On behalf of the Meriden YMCA, its CEO John Benigni sends our thanks to the terrific team from 3M who spent the United Way’s Day of Caring at Mountain Mist. The 3M team did a wonderful job improving the landscaping in front of our lower pavilion by building new garden walls and cleaning up the gardens. Thank you to Jen Collingham, Doug Papallo, Jim Switalski, Galyna Latham, Steve Siperas, Thilo Koepfer, Deb Callahan, Jim Lang, and Scott Vernon. To learn about Mountain Mist, contact Steve at or call 203-235-6386 ext.17.

Thank you to our Golf Tournament and Surf and Turf Dinner sponsors, participants and volunteers

The Meriden YMCA and Meriden Rotary thank all of our sponsors, golfers, volunteers, donors, and dinner guests who helped us make this year’s Golf Tournament, Surf and Turf Dinner and Kids Picnic a great success. Everyone enjoyed a beautiful summer day golfing at the Wallingford Country Club followed by a delicious Surf and Turf Dinner and auction at the Meriden YMCA Mountain Mist Outdoor Center. Your generous support helps our two organizations create brighter futures for Meriden’s children and families.

Fair and fest pull together for family fun

The YMCA/NAACP Family Fun Day at Mountain Mist Camp Saturday put two efforts into one.

With two organizations in conflict on the same June date, organizers of the Meriden YMCA Family Fun Fest and the Meriden-Wallingford NAACP’s Get Out & Play Health Fair decided to combine the two established events, and everybody doubled their fun as an estimated 1,500 flocked to Mountain Mist on a summery, 85-degree afternoon. By the end of the event, the turnout exceeded everyone´s expectations. Steve Markoja, operations director for the YMCA, who has been associated with the Y’s Family Fun Fest for the last seven years, said 1,500 attendees passed by the gatehouse at the entrance to Mountain Mist. “Really it´s grown and taken on a life of its own,” Markoja said. “What’s better than seeing these kids’ smiling faces?”

12 Tips for Water Safety

Remember when you were a child, and the pool, lake, or ocean was the most inviting summer place you knew? You dreamed about swimming, playing with your friends, and having fun splashing around. But then there was always someone...your mother, father, grandparent, camp counselor, or chaperone whose voice pierced the air with the familiar, “Be careful! Stay together. Don’t go in the deep water. Watch out for those waves! Did you wait an hour after eating?”


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