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Pro skateboarder Doug Brown visits Mountain Mist

Article by Dan Brechlin MERIDEN - Doug Brown grew up trending away from the mainstream. He was not into the typical sports, as was his football-playing father. It took Brown some time to find his true passions, experimenting with acting and other performances before settling into playing the guitar and skateboarding. "Skateboarding and guitar became my anti-drug," Brown, now a professional skateboarder, told campers at the Meriden YMCA Mountain Mist Day Camp Friday afternoon. "When I was down and depressed, that's what I turned to."

Fascination with space lifts off at 2-week camp

By Mary Ellen Godin, Record-Journal MERIDEN - Coke and Alka-Seltzer was among the top fuel combinations for aspiring rocket scientists hop-ing to launch empty film canisters to the sky Wednesday. Baking soda and wine vinegar also provided enough thrust. "We pour in the Sprite and quickly walk away," explained Billy Hunt, 10, of Meriden. About 15 children from 8 to 12 are attending two weeks of Space Camp at Meriden YMCA's Mountain Mist on High Hill Road. The program, which began last year with six children, has grown as more children and their parents hear about rocket launching, space exploration and lessons in astronomy.

Award-winning class takes art downtown

Daniel Adamik, a teacher in the Venture Program, and his students have taken their artwork out of the classroom and into the city. After last year's class displayed mosaic artwork in the butterfly garden on the grounds of the Quinnipiac River Watershed Association headquarters, this year's class took its work downtown. Adamik, who also teaches an art class at the Y-Arts building, at 14 W. Main St., wanted to add some flair to downtown. He and his students designed patterns and are in the process of applying mosaic tiles to benches outside of the Y-Arts building.

YMCA Unveils New School Readiness Space on Crown Street

The regulars at the basement bar at 66 Crown Street would be quite surprised by a look at their old haunt today – in place of stools and beer, there's a colorful pint-sized kitchen and a stack of tiny naptime cots. After 5 months of renovation, the Meriden YMCA unveiled its new school readiness program site Thursday night, on the lower level of the Martin Gaffey Child Care Center. Once set up as one long corridor, the space is now divided into two separate classrooms that have different stations, including those for science, story time, playtime, naps, and art projects.

Can nonprofits drive profits?

West Main and Colony streets have had their share of closings and openings in recent years, but instead of businesses, some of the the latest newcomers are nonprofit organizations with programs for families. Meriden officials are boosting family activities downtown to generate foot traffic, and they have some eager partners. The Meriden YMCA is responsible for much of the growth downtown. Since acquiring the building at 14 W. Main St., the YMCA has overhauled its art program on the second floor and worked out a partnership with art collector and framer Steven Robichaud to relocate the Sandman Gallery & Frame Shoppe to the lower level.


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