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Congratulations to the Meriden YMCA Geocache Trivia Contest winners

Congratulations to the Meriden YMCA Geocache Trivia Contest winners Kerry, Todd, Brendan and Kaylin Medovich enjoyed fun family time hiking in many beautiful spots in Meriden while looking for geocache locations and questions to the Meriden YMCA Geocache Trivia Contest. GaryKrancher,oursecond- placewinner and a geocache enthusiast, got on a roll and hiked all of the locations in one day to complete the contest. The winners now have Y Bucks to use on the program of their choice at the Meriden YMCA. For information on about how the Meriden YMCA helps you have fun while you get healthy, visit or

Life's better now that Meriden man has taken a load off

By Kimberly Primicerio, Record-Journal| MERIDEN — When Bill Langevin drove his granddaughter to school, his stomach used to touch his car’s steering wheel. Nineteen months later, the Meriden resident has gone from a size 2X to a medium. He lost 101 pounds by changing his lifestyle. Langevin, 72, cut down on his consumption of carbohydrates, ate smaller portions of food throughout the day and exercised regularly. He no longer has to take his type 2 diabetes medicines, and most of his other maintenance medications, including cholesterol pills, have been reduced.

New panel focuses on Meriden students' health

A group of Ben Franklin School teachers, parents and Meriden YMCA staff members have teamed up to form a health and wellness committee. The panel is focused on helping Ben Franklin students stay healthier. Through surveys, the group has determined areas the school needs to work on, including parent engagement and activities for children. Maureen Suzio, YMCA board president and Ben Franklin mother of three, said a number of factors prompted her to form the committee this past fall.

Meriden YMCA Welcomes All to Thanksgiving Dinner

About 200 people attended the YMCA’s annual Thanksgiving Day dinner, a free community meal that according to YMCA Executive Director John Benigni’s recollection has more than 50 years of tradition in Meriden. Close to 85 volunteers helped cook and deliver meals to more than 300 homes in the city. Ninety donated turkeys were cooked, while 30 were handed out to “those who couldn’t make it today,” Benigni said. “It’s Thanksgiving, and we all have different needs, and I’m just proud that with community support we can give to those who are normally without,” Benigni said.


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