STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Camps

The Meriden YMCA Mountain Mist Day Camp is excited to offer our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Camps! STEM Camps are open to campers who have completed grades 3 through 8 as of the school year ending in June. STEM Camps will be under the direction of Christopher Stone, Director of STEM Academy.  

2020 STEM Camps

Max of 10 participants per group.

There is no before and after care for specialty camps.

Session 1: NASA Astro Camp (June 22—July 3, 2020)

Developed with NASA based activities, this camp explores what it really means to be an astronaut and an aerospace engineer combining science, engineering, and math all in one. Students will be building, launching, and exploring the various structures launched into space while thinking about the scientific factors that go into real NASA space explorations. This camp introduces children to the principles of engineering through hands-on NASA themed activities in which they will apply the engineering design process to solve problems and generate solutions. The emphasis is on students understanding that engineers must imagine and plan before they begin to create and test. Come join us for a great time!  

Session 2: Sports Science Camp (July 6 -17, 2020)

Come join us to learn the science behind some of your favorite sports; football, baseball, soccer, golf and others. We will delve into topics such as anatomy, physiology, physics, engineering and more. Campers will watch interactive videos, do research, and create their own projects, including their own mini-golf course. This session also includes a field trip to a local mini-golf course! No experience in particular sports is required to attend this camp.

Session 3: Nature Science Camp (July 20 - 31, 2020)

Have you ever thought about the 60 acres of Mountain Mist as an outdoor science classroom? During this exciting nature science adventure, we will explore nature and become “Backpack Naturalists.” Each day campers will hike and note interesting insects, trees, plants, and wildlife while keeping a scientist’s notebook of their discoveries. These daily “EcoWalks” will include visits to the frog pond!

Campers will also design and conduct investigations that include building a mini-greenhouse, comparing the growth of earth seeds to seeds that have flown in space, and creating a solar oven. Campers will also take a field trip and visit a local park to compare and contrast the environment with Mountain Mist, and canoe on a local pond. During all of these experiences, instruction will be given on how to use science equipment such as hand lenses, microscopes, and digital technology.Come join our “Backpack Naturalists” and become a member of Meriden’s Young Scientists.

Session 4: Electronics & Robotics Camp (August 3 - 14, 2020)

Do you like creating things? Are you interested in learning how to build and code a robot? The first week will begin by learning the basics of circuits and electricity. Students will build their own lights, fans, alarms and radios using Snap Circuits. Then they will learn the basics of coding with fun little robots called ozobots. The second week will focus on Lego Mindstorms. Participants will build their own robot and control it using Lego Mindstorm software!

Session 5:  STEM Explorations Camp (August 17-28, 2020)

Do you like to explore science, solve problems and use technology? If you do, then STEM Academy is the perfect place for you! Join us for an engaging session of exploring many different STEM Challenges through hands-on investigations.

Our Meriden YMCA STEM Academy programs have been recognized and awarded these very special grants. We are grateful for the support of these organizations:

  • 2019 Cox Charities STEM Grant
  • 2018 Cox Charities STEM Grant
  • 2016 Cox STEM Education Grant
  • 2015 3M STEM Education Grant
  • 2012 Napier Foundation STEM Education Grant
  • 2011 NASA Summer of Innovation STEM Education Grant.
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