Mountain Mist Day Camp Pricing

Traditional Camp Pricing (for a two week session)

  • Half day Tee-Pee $155  full member, $180 program member
  • Fees for any of  the following traditional camps $304 full member, $354 program member
    • Full Day Tee-Pee, Pioneer, Discoverer, Explorer, Adventurer,Navigator       
  • Counselor In Training (10 week program) $674  full member, $736 program member

Specialty Camp Pricing (for a two week session)

Please click on links below for specialty camp pricing:

Required fees for all camps, traditional and specialty:

$100 deposit for all camps Sessions 1—5
$25 one time camp improvement fee

Hot lunch option:

$40 for hot lunch program per session

Extended day option:

AM Care (6:30 am—9:00 a.m.) $85 per session per child
PM Care (3:00 pm— 5:30 pm) $100 per session per child

Sign up early and save!

2017 Camp Sign Savings Program

Register early and sign up to display a Mountain Mist Day Camp sign on your lawn for a minimum of 30 days and save! Savings are per child, for one session.

Registration Dates                Savings

January 28th 9 AM – 12 PM         $30
January 29  - February 28         $25
March 1 - 31                            $20
April 1 - 30                              $15

Plus get a special rate on  a new family membership when  you register for summer camp!

Summer Camp E-Z Pay Plan for Traditional Camp 
Based on 20 weekly drafts February 1 - June 14, 2017.

Number of                   Full Member         Program Member      
Camp sessions            Per Week              Per Week          

One Session                   $15.20               $17.70                         
Two Sessions                 $30.40               $35.40                         
Three Sessions               $45.60               $53.10                         
Four Sessions                 $60.80               $70.80    
Five Sessions                  $76.00               $88.50

There is also a camp registration fee of $25 for each child.

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