Pool Policies

  1. A lifeguard must be on duty in order for the pool to be open to the public.
  2. All persons shall bathe with warm water and soap before entering the pool.
  3. Any persons known or suspected of having a communicable disease shall not use the pool.
  4. Spitting or nose blowing in the water is prohibited.
  5. Although the YMCA staff recommends that bathing caps be used, if a person's hair is longer than the neckline; his/her hair must be tied back.
  6. Regulation bathing suits must be worn. Male bathing suits must be worn above the knee. No t-shirts, no jeans and no cut-offs. Underwear and sports bras are not acceptable.
  7. No gum is allowed in the pool facility.
  8. Those 14+ years of age and older may use the lap lanes but must perform laps to remain in them. Lap lanes are strictly for lap swimmers.
  9. An adult (18+) must be present on the swimming pool deck or in the water for those children 10 years of age and under who wish to swim.
  10. Any child 5 years of age and under must be accompanied by an adult (18+) in the water.
  11. A non-swimmer must be within arm reach of an adult (18+)
  12. Adult/children who must use the aid of a swim belt will not be allowed in the water greater than 5 feet. A adult/child must be able to swim 25 yards comfortably without the assistance of an aid(swim belt, noodle, etc) in order to be allowed in the water greater than 5 feet (swim lessons excluded).
  13. No swimming aids or boats, etc. are allowed. (swimmies, inflatables, boats, etc.)
  14. Children are not allowed to bring masks, fins or snorkels. Masks can be worn if the nose is not covered. Adults (18+) may bring in their own masks, fins and snorkels.
  15. No repetitive breath holding (competitive OR non-competitive).
  16. A 1:25 lifeguard to swimmer ratio is strongly enforced. The ratio may be lessened if the attendance of swimmers warrants it.
  17. No diving is permitted off the deck into the pool.
  18. Diving blocks are not to be used during public swims.
  19. STORM POLICY: At the first sight and or sound of a thunder and lightening storm; the lifeguards are to clear the pool immediately for 30 minutes. Within those 30 minutes, if the lifeguards do not hear or see anything storm related; swimmers will be allowed back in the swimming pool. If the lifeguards do see lightning and/or hear thunder within those 30 minutes, the lifeguards must start the 30 minute time period all over again.
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