Meriden YMCA

Accommodating our members is every staff person’s goal. For questions about membership, please contact our Welcome Center at 203.235.6386. 

Sign up for programs will be handled by the Front Desk Staff at the program registration desk, or you may register online.

To learn about our hours and schedules click on the link below:

Meriden YMCA Code of Conduct

At the Meriden YMCA, we expect staff, members and guests to behave in accordance with our mission and values at all times respecting the rights and dignity of others. The YMCA is a family organization and we expect members and their guests to behave in a manner consistent with the YMCA’s core values of Caring, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility.

At the YMCA we demonstrate these values by:

  • Speaking in respectful tones, refraining from the use of vulgar or derogatory language, and dressing appropriately.
  • Resolving conflicts in a respectful, honest and caring manner; never resorting to physical contact or threatening gestures.
  • Respecting the property of others; never engaging in theft or destruction.
  • Creating a safe, caring environment.
  • Participating in programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body; never engaging in the use, sale, dispensing or possession of illegal drugs or narcotics or the unsanctioned use of alcohol on YMCA premises.

Adherence to the YMCA Code of Conduct and regulations is essential. Noncompliance may result in suspension or termination of YMCA membership privileges. Membership privileges may be suspended or revoked for any behavior that jeopardizes the health and safety of YMCA members, participants, facilities and equipment.

Conditions of Membership

  • When applying for a membership, one must present a valid photo id, review our code of conduct, and complete and sign an application.
  • For safety, emergency and security reasons, all members MUST present their membership card at the front desk when using the facility or participating in a program. Guests must produce a photo id, review our guest policy, and sign our guest book.
  • Membership privileges and cards are not transferable.
  • Membership dues, joining fees and program fees are subject to change.
  • Lost cards will be replaced by the membership staff; there is an $8 replacement fee.
  • Returned checks and bank drafts: If your bank draft/credit card draft is not honored by your bank the amount will be collected electronically and your account will be charged a $25 service fee.
  • The Meriden YMCA reserves the right to reject or cancel any application or membership. We take very seriously the safety and well-being of our members and participants. Our policy prohibits membership to anyone convicted of a criminal sex offense or anyone who is a registered sex offender. The YMCA conducts regular sex offender screenings on all members, participants, and guests. If a sex offender match occurs, the YMCA reserves the right to cancel membership, end program participation, and remove visitation access.

Facility Rules

  1. Positively no smoking or tobacco products, alcohol throughout the facility and YMCA grounds.
  2. No food or drinks (excluding water in water bottles) in locker rooms, exercise areas, or gymnasium.
  3. No profanity or abusive language.
  4. Shirt and shorts, or warm-ups, and athletic shoes are required in all parts of the building.
  5. Non-marking gym shoes are required on all courts.
  6. Members are responsible for guests and their behavior.
  7. Bathing suits (no cut offs or underwear) are required for swimming and sauna areas.
  8. Please report violations of the rules or damaged equipment to the front desk staff.
  9. At no time are children under the age of 14 allowed to be dropped off and left unattended in the facility except during supervised youth programs. Children under age 14 must be supervised by their parents while at the Y.
  10. Children age 12 and older whose parents have a family membership may go to aerobics classes with their parent (with the approval of the instructor).
  11. Child Watch is available to our members with family or single parent household memberships for children ages 3 months to 9 years old that are part of the membership during our
  12. Child Watch hours. 
  13. After 7:00 p.m., any persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
  14. The Adult Locker Room is for use by members ages 21 and over. No children are allowed in the sauna. No exceptions.
  15. Cell Phone Policy: Our YMCA has instituted a cell phone policy for the protection of each Member’s privacy and safety as well as to maintain a peaceful environment for all to enjoy. Cell phone use is prohibited in all fitness and program areas and all locker rooms with the exception of listening to music in fitness areas with ear buds while you work out. Tablet and computer use is also prohibited in locker rooms and saunas. Common social areas such as hallways and lobby may be used for conversations. We appreciate your adherence to this policy on behalf of your fellow Members.
  16. See our Fitness Center Policies and Pool Rules.

Financial Assistance

The YMCA is for everyone regardless of economic status. Financial assistance is based upon need. Applications are available at the Front Desk.

Racquetball Reservations

Reserve your court. One-hour time slots are available. Bring your own equipment.

Spinning Reservations

Class reservations are made the day before class by signing up through your account online, or at the Front Desk.

Guest Policy

1. Meriden YMCA at 110 West Main Street - Guest passes are $15 per person. A guest must come with a Meriden YMCA member. One guest per member. The YMCA reserves the right to limit the sale of day passes based on building usage. Rates are subject to change.

To obtain a Day Pass you must:

  • Be 18 years of age with ID or be accompanied by a parent.
  • You must be accompanied by a current active member of the Meriden-New Britain-Berlin YMCA who is a member in good standing who is 18 or older.
  • Complete a visitor information form.


2. Meriden YMCA Mountain Mist Outdoor Center - One day guest passes are available for $15 per person. The Meriden YMCA reserves the right to limit guest pass sales. The guest fee is $15 per person per day. You must be with a full Meriden-New Britain-Berlin YMCA member (those with full privilege family, single parent family, senior, senior household, or adult membership) with a valid membership. There is a maximum of 5 guests per membership type. For example, if you have a household membership your family can bring a maximum of 5 guests with you. Guests must show photo id and sign in. Mountain Mist passes are purchased at the Outdoor Center. All members and guests must follow Mountain Mist Outdoor Center policies and rules.

Draft Account Changes

Please contact our Front Desk to make changes to your draft on file used for automatic payments.

Photo/Video/Audio Recording Policy

The YMCA routinely photographs and/or video/audiotapes our members and program participants in various activities.  Some of these photos, videos and narrative accounts of member experiences may be used in our marketing, advertising, and fundraising materials. If you do not want to be photographed or videotaped, or your story to be used please tell the photographer/videographer. Taking photographs and/or recording audio or video without authorization is not allowed in certain areas within the facilities.

Camera and Cell Phone Policy

  • Video recorders, cameras or any other visual recording devices are not allowed within the YMCA without the expressed consent of the Executive Director.
  • Some cellular phones have the capacity to take pictures and video. We have zero tolerance for anyone taking pictures or video of another person without their permission.
  • Cell phone usage is not allowed in locker rooms in accordance with the Video Voyeurism Prevention Act of 2004. Members and guests cannot make or take cell phone calls while in the Fitness Center.
  • The Meriden YMCA reserves the right to take pictures and video of its participants for brochures, publications, our website and other marketing purposes. If you would prefer not to be photographed, please stop by the Front Desk and let us know in writing.

Cancellation of Membership

Any membership resignation shall be effective one month after receipt of written notification via a cancellation form obtained at our Front Desk. Written notice must be presented at the Meriden YMCA. If you are using payroll deduction, you must notify your employer to stop payroll deductions. There will be a joiner's fee when rejoining.

General Refund Policy

If any class or program is canceled by the YMCA, a full refund of paid program fees, plus membership fees if taken out solely to participate in the canceled class, will be made by check from the YMCA. Other membership, program, joiner’s and drafting fee are nonrefundable. Any program or fitness classes not held for holidays or due to inclement weather are not refundable nor transferable.

American Red Cross classes are nonrefundable. The only exception is if the Meriden-New Britain-Berlin YMCA cancels the class. 

Lost and Found

Any lost items which we recover are placed in our Lost and Found container. See the Front Desk Staff. The YMCA is not responsible for damage, lost or stolen articles of clothing or any other personal property of any member or guest.

Storm Closings and Delayed Openings

Storm closings or delayed openings will be listed on Channels 3 and 4 and on our web site home page, social media and mobile app. Be sure to call us at 203-235-6386 before venturing out in inclement weather to check on the status of programs and classes.

Meriden YMCA Child Care Storm Closing Policy

Facility Rentals

We have three rooms that can be rented during the hours that the YMCA is open. Please contact us at 203.235.6386 for more information Our pool is also available for rental.

Learn More About Rentals