Blood Pressure Self Monitoring Program

The American Heart Association recommends self monitoring for all people with high blood pressure to help their health care providers determine whether treatments are working and to identify trends and patterns that could be addressed through life style. If you or someone you love is at risk or suffering from high blood pressure and or hypertension the YMCA’s B.P.S.M. program might be just for you.

The goals of this program are to provide you with the tools to reduce blood pressure, help you develop new skills for managing blood pressure, enable you to identify and control those triggers that raise blood pressure and the knowledge to adopt healthier eating habits.  This four month program includes:

  • A blood pressure cuff will be provided to all participants of this program who do not already have one.
  • One on one meeting each week with one of our Healthy Heart Ambassadors during scheduled office hours. Office hours are on Mondays at the Meriden YMCA. Call Cheryl Tomassetti to schedule an appointment at 203.213.5946.
  • Fee : Full Member $45 per person, Program Member $65 per person.
    Contact: Carrie Marquardt, Health and Wellness Director, 203.235.6386 x18
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