Meriden YMCA

How to Beat the Heat and Stay Fit

  1. First, be careful not to get dehydrated. Follow these simple tips on staying hydrated. 
  2. Add water rich foods to your diet to increase your hydration. Check out these 19 Water Rich Foods. 
  3. Love to run or walk outdoors? Stay hydrated, exercise when it is cooler in the early morning or later in the day, and rest in the shade. 
  4. Wear lightweight, light colored moisture wicking clothing.
  5. Bring your workout indoors to the YMCA! Run or walk on the treadmill, lift some weights or try a new machine or class to switch up your routine!
  6. Hot summer days are perfect for using the YMCA indoor and outdoor pools! Swim laps or just enjoy the cool of the pool.
  7. Call us for more information about schedules and summer memberships at 203.235.6386.