Reading Rocks!


Reading is a fundamental skill and building block for all learning. Help your child improve their reading skills with tutoring provided by a certified  licensed reading teacher from our local school community.

Instruction will be based on student needs focusing on improving fluency/reading rate, accuracy, comprehension, fiction and nonfiction connections.

This program is for students who need help moving forward in their reading level and also for those who are at or above reading level and are looking for more challenges. 

Two Options:

1. One on one sessions. By appointment. 5 tutoring sessions for $150. 

2. Small group with a maximum of ten students. Meets on Saturdays. Fee $25 per student per session. 

  • Grades K - 2 - Time to be determined by instructors
  • Grades 3 - 5- Time to be determined by instructors

For more information contact the Meriden YMCA at 203-235-6386. Please register at the Meriden YMCA at 110 West Main Street.


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