Meriden YMCA Introduces New Karate Enrichment Program at Ben Franklin Elementary School

For Kids, Martial Arts is more than just a fun activity.  It’s a way for kids to learn valuable life skills that’ll help them develop into outstanding, independent young adults.

Benefits of Martial Arts for children:

  • Keeps them active
  • Focus, concentration and self esteem
  • Builds self confidence
  • Connects both mind and body

This 5 week program will include activities which will involve karate basics to introduce the student to karate.

  • Day/Time: Thursdays  3:00 PM—3:45 PM
  • Dates: October 4th—November 11th
  • Location: Benjamin Franklin Elementary School gymnasium
  • Fee: $20
  • Register: At the Meriden YMCA, 110 West Main Street 
  • Must wear sneakers and comfortable clothes to participate.
  • Contact: Amy Fitzgerald, Program Director
  • 860-357-2717 or email at


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