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Seals Swim Team

Be a part of a team, compete and have fun!

View our swim team web site which includes swim team groups, events, photos and more! Parents can log in to see results for their swimmers.

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Visit our Seals Swim Team web site for details. 

The Seals Swim Team is designed to provide swimmers with the opportunity to be a part of a team, compete and most importantly have fun!  Boys and girls ages 5-18 with the ability to swim one lap of the pool without stopping are welcome.

  • All swimmers compete in YMCA meets. There is an option to compete in USA swimming. USA meets include regionals, age groups, zones and YMCA nationals. Our team includes swimmers who have qualified at all of these levels.
  • Team activities include pizza parties, pasta dinners, holiday party, snow tubing, summer picnic at Mountain Mist Outdoor Center.
  • Flexible payment options. 
  • Weddell Seals (Pre-Competition/Beginner Level)
  • Spotted Seals (Developmental Competition Level)
  • Harbour Seals (Intermediate Competition Level)
  • Leopard Seals (Advanced Competition Level) - Includes dry land training, nutrition information and team building.
  • Contact Coach Cathy for more information and to schedule an assessment if you are new to the team to determine the appropriate swim group for you. Call 203-440-1870 or send an email to Coach Cathy at clewis@meridenymca.org.
  • Visit our web site at www.meridenymca.org/programs/swim-team
  • Check us out on facebook at www.facebook.com/MeridenYMCASeals.

We look forward to swimming with you!




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