COVID Safety Protocols

We have new protocols for arrival and pick up. 


  1. Five minutes prior to class, an instructor will meet each student outside, take and record their temperature, then radio their arrival to a second instructor in the gym.
  2. Masks are required at all times.
  3. The instructor will take a different unique code word from each parent for pick up; along with an emergency number.
  4. Students are expected to arrive in their class attire and will place any belongings in the separated cubbies.
  5. If a student is late, they will not be permitted inside as both our instructors need to attend the class.
  6. For Joey and Me and Leaving the Pouch classes, these are parent and child classes so parents stay with kids.
  7. For all other classes, parents will not be permitted to stay and watch, but will be able to view a live stream of the class from their phone. 

Pick Up:

Students will be walked outside where their ride should be waiting. Each pick up will give their unique code word and the student will be released.

See you soon!

Tony Cortright
Gymnastics Director and Head Coach

P: 203-235-6386 E:

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