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Local Christian academy team gives homeschoolers a shot

Players in the Archers boys and girls basketball teams practice and compete together, but not all are enrolled in MidState Christian Academy which runs the teams...To play on MidState’s team, students have to become members of the YMCA and buy uniforms. Smith said the Y has been a good partner to the school and allows them complete use of the gym for an hour on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. The team also schedules games there.

“This is our home court,” Smith said at his team’s practice on Tuesday. Players ran drills together and then broke into boys and girls teams to scrimmage on the half courts.

The boys team has won both of its two latest games, Russ said, and while he enjoys a win he’s also trying to show his players how to lose with grace.“It’s about sportsmanship and character,” he said.


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